Tips on removing stubborn packing tape from Parcel posts

You will not agree on the fact that packing tapes are one of the smartest inventions of the human beings. Packing tapes have numbers of uses; it is used to seal packages, parcels, envelopes and shipping items. It even helps to mend broken items within minutes. No doubt packing tapes are very useful for packing small or big parcel posts and shipping items, but removing them while opening the parcel and removing their residue from the parcel’s surface tells another story. Removing packing tapes from parcel post’s surface is a very daunting and challenging especially if you don’t want any evidence of it on the parcel’s surface. Next time when you will get a challenging situation while opening a parcel post or shipping item, don’t panic, here we have got few handy tips on how to remove stubborn packing tapes and its residue from the surfaces of parcel posts.


Use low Heat to soften the hold of Tape

For removing stubborn tapes from wherever it is glued on the parcel post, use low heat. Heat helps to peel the adhesive of stubborn packing tape gently from the parcel post’s surface. You can use your hair drier to do this but make sure it is set on low heat. Using Heat helps to soften the hold of packing tape and also helps to lessen the possible damage on the surface. With this method you will be able to do this challenging task easily probably in a minute.

Do it with the use of putty knife or flat-edged scraper

To scrape off the tape you can also use a putty knife or a flat edged scraper to remove unwanted package tape in a minute. This is an easiest method though that can be employed to do away with parcel posts tapes. Make sure not to damage the box in the process of peeling the tape. Your hands need to be rock steady while removing the tape from the parcel post with a putty knife.

Do it with the use of paper towel and white vinegar

For removing the tape thats stuck on a wooden surface, first try to peel off the tape gently as much you can with your hands. After that soak a paper towel in white vinegar and put it on the residue left by the packing tape. Let it sit for ten minutes. Afterwards, remove the white paper and start rubbing the surface. The remainder of the tape should be peeling away by now. Repeat the process if there is still any residue left of parcel tape on the parcel’s surface. You can also use water with paper towel.

Use alcohol or Nail paint remover to remove remains of sticky tapes.

After removing the tape from the parcel post for removing unsightly remains of tape from parcel use a little bit of alcohol or nail paint remover. But remember this method can only be applied on a glass or ceramic surfaces. Alcohol or nail paint remover will help clean out what’s left on the surface. Afterwards don’t forget to wipe the same surface area with clean paper towel or cotton balls soaked in a little bit of water.


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