Recommendations to E-Commerce websites to Cut Shipping Costs


The Internet has bought a lot for entrepreneurs. We all are familiar with online shopping trends. It has created a global marketplace that encourages almost everyone to become an entrepreneur. There are various E-commerce websites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay that provide a platform to businessmen to sell almost all items online. These websites help to make your product available globally. Through this online shopping trend, you can earn customers from almost all regions of your country as well as from the world. Offering free shipping with your product is one of the best ways to encourage your customers to buy more. If you and your competitor both are selling the same product online and only you are offering free shipping with it, there may be a lot more chances that the customer will choose you. Offering free or low-cost shipping has become an increasingly important factor to attract customers. It is an effective method for increasing business sales. To be on the top of the competitive market, it is very important for you to make out a way through which you could offer free or low-cost shipping to your customer and still could save money on shipping. Let’s take a look at several things which according to WizMe can help you to save on shipping costs.

Choose the most cost-effective shipping option

If you are shipping a parcel post nationally, do not ship that parcel post right to the consumer from the warehouse in one go. Consider contacting a local shipping company that come in the way of the parcel post’s destination. Shipping your product from one courier facility to another courier facility in volumes will help you save a lot of money that you can pass on to your customers in form of free shipping or even in the form of deals and discounts. It is because shipping companies consider distance as a factor to calculate shipping cost. Shipping items in one go (directly from the warehouse to the consumer) can increase your shipping costs dramatically. While shipping from one courier facility to another courier facility is a good approach to cut down the shipping cost. Local shipping companies’ rates are always cost-effective than national shipping companies.

Create a good business relationship with shipping companies

If you are shipping on the same line, again and again, consider contacting the same shipping company which you have shipped your product before. Choosing the same shipping company to ship a product is a cost effective approach. If you do that, a shipping company will form a trust with you and will provide you discounts on shipping cost. It will build a good business relationship between you and shipping company. There may be chances that they will provide you flat rate shipping options or special rates for corporates.

Negotiate for the best deals

Always try to negotiate deals with shipping companies to reduce your shipping cost. Demonstrate your business’s need to deliver a significant number of parcels each month/year and ask them for a fixed cost that you will pay them. This is the best approach to cut down shipping cost that large companies like Amazon also follow.

Try to keep your Parcel Post Packing minimum weighted

Shipping companies consider weight of a parcel post as a factor of calculating shipping cost. You can cut down your shipping cost by keeping your parcel post packing minimum weighted. Keeping your parcel post packing minimum weighted is a good strategy to save money on shipping.

Send the parcel post few days ahead to the shipping facility

Sending your parcel post few days prior to the delivery date to the shipping facility is a cost-effective approach. Slower the shipping lesser a rate is an approach that shipping companies follow. You can save a lot with this strategy.


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